About us

KOMFOVENT trademark
KOMFOVENT is a trademark for ventilation products produced by the company AMALVA. KOMFOVENT stands for comfort, healthy indoor climate, efficiency and productivity.
We are responsible for high quality and reliable operation of our products. The most efficient solutions are achieved with our contemporary manufactured production and we ensure - KOMFOVENT WORKS PROPERLY.

Company's history
Company AMALVA was founded in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania in 1997. We started with such activities as ventilation ducting, fittings and other system elements’ production. From year 1999 company started producing ventilation units of various designs, possibilities, applications and wide range of airflows from 50 m³/h up to 100 000 m³/h.
AMALVA is a constantly growing company. Now we are dedicating all our energy to create and offer innovative products which could satisfy the most demanding customers. We are proud of employing more than 400 people and owning of 30 000 m² of production area. High level of quality, a deep respect to the environment with a trust for a better and cleaner world and occupational health and safety – that is the target our company adheres to. Company‘s operational system complies with requirements of the quality and environment standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and the equipment is EUROVENT certified.

Company's development
An affiliated company AMALVA BALTIJA was opened in Riga, the capital of Latvia in 1999. Production facilities, warehouse and sales office are located there.
The first steps in Russia resulted in opening a trade office in Moscow in 2002. Also, Russian city Ryazan was chosen as a production place for the fire dampers in 2007.
A trading affiliated company „Komfovent“ was opened in Minsk in 2012.
The next steps were to Scandinavian and Western Europe markets, the sales offices were opened in southwestern Sweden, Gothenburg and in Velbert, Germany in 2015.

Every year the investments are being made for the acquisition of the new modern machinery, tools, and personnel training with the main goal – to produce and offer only high quality products. Using knowledge and skills of our local engineers and specialists together with gained different experience from our foreign partners give us possibilities to offer the best technical solutions.
For us growing is about moving forward together with our customers, sharing the same values, meeting their needs and expectations. Together with our partners we are going towards new and more ambitious goals.