KLASIK units

KOMFOVENT KLASIK is customized ventilation equipment for various types of premises. Air handling units are available in 11 sizes with airflows ranging from 1 000 to 60 000 m³/h (0,3 to 17 m³/s). Units of bigger capacity are also available and can be selected according to individual inquiries. For special request can be produced up to 100 000 m³/h. Air handling units are available as common casing assembled or composed of several sections of different sizes and functional possibilities.

KLASIK air handling units implement energy recuperation, heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, filtration, sound attenuating or may be just supply/exhaust units. All models configurations are available basing on specified customers’ requirements.

    KLASIK units’ features and benefits:
  • Big choice of models configurations;
  • Aluminum profile casing frameworks;
  • Reliable, stable and tight casing;
  • 45 mm or 50 mm thickness incombustible thermal and sound insulation;
  • All doors are hinged and equipped with lockable handles;
  • Specific solutions possible.
  • Energy efficiency tested and approved by EUROVENT.

Klasik R (REGO)
Klasik P (RECU)
Klasik S (OTK)

Klasik RA (DSVI)

C5 controller

  • Extended control possibilities.
  • New operating modes.
  • Detailed information to the user.

  Controller basic specifications:
  Control panel dimensions - 156x79x26 mm
  Connection cable - 4x0,22 mm²
  Supply voltage - 24 V DC
  Power - 4,5 W
  Inputs: analog - 19, digital - 17, pressurre - 4
  Outputs: analog - 16, digital - 19, triac - 2
    Control features:
  • Air quality control
  • Outdoor compensated ventilation
  • Minimum temperature control
  • Override function
  • Summer night cooling
  • Operation on demand
  • Holiday scheduling
  • Modulated recirculation according to CO2, temperature, time schedule or external contact
  • Recirculation limitation by temperature
  • Humidity control
  • Circulation pumps control on demand
  • Air flow density compensation
  • Combined heating & cooling control
  • Rotary or plate heat exchanger failure protection
  • Rotary or plate heat exchanger anti-frost protection
  • Rotor cleaning function
  • Rotor warm-up function
  • Circulation pumps start-up in off mode
  • Warning for too low air flow
  • Service time
  • External stop
  • Emergency shut-down in case of fire
  • Intelligent self-diagnostic