VERSO units

KOMFOVENT VERSO units have 9 main sizes for the air flow from 1000 m³/h to 34 000 m³/h. Units can be with heat recovery or just supply air units. VERSO ensures best performance and required operation parameters being design in very compact dimensions: each section size allows bringing it through the standard 900 mm width doors’ opening.

For customer’s convenience air heaters, coolers and dampers are mounted outside the unit as a separate section that gives flexibility in mounting and saving the installation area. Indoor and outdoor mounting is possible. Units have complete integrated automatic control, ensuring lower exploitation and installing costs on site.

    VERSO units’ features and benefits:
  • All units are completely prewired and have integrated automatic control;
  • Wide choice of control functions is already included as a standard;
  • Extremely silent in operation;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Energy efficiency tested and approved by EUROVENT;
  • Fans are balanced statically and dynamically to avoid vibration and ensure silent operation;
  • All casings are powder painted;
  • Steady baseframe with on-site regulation possibilities;
  • Easy and quick assembling on site.

C5 controller

  • Extended control possibilities.
  • New operating modes.
  • Detailed information to the user.

  Controller basic specifications:
  Control panel dimensions - 156x79x26 mm
  Connection cable - 4x0,22 mm²
  Supply voltage - 24 V DC
  Power - 4,5 W
  Inputs: analog - 19, digital - 17, pressurre - 4
  Outputs: analog - 16, digital - 19, triac - 2
    Control features:
  • Air quality control
  • Outdoor compensated ventilation
  • Minimum temperature control
  • Override function
  • Summer night cooling
  • Operation on demand
  • Holiday scheduling
  • Modulated recirculation according to CO2, temperature, time schedule or external contact
  • Recirculation limitation by temperature
  • Humidity control
  • Circulation pumps control on demand
  • Air flow density compensation
  • Combined heating & cooling control
  • Rotary or plate heat exchanger failure protection
  • Rotary or plate heat exchanger anti-frost protection
  • Rotor cleaning function
  • Rotor warm-up function
  • Circulation pumps start-up in off mode
  • Warning for too low air flow
  • Service time
  • External stop
  • Emergency shut-down in case of fire
  • Intelligent self-diagnostic